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A Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Popularity
AfroNatural bush-like hairstyle
AIMAOL Instant Messenger
AIDSAcquired immune deficiency syndrome
AOLAmerica Online
ASLAge, sex, location
ASAPAs soon as possible
AFKAway from keyboard
AKAAlso known as
ATMAt the moment
APAssociated Press
AFAIKAs far as I know
AWLAlways with love
ALSAmyotrophic lateral sclerosis
AFAICAs far as I'm concerned
avgBatting average
ACAir conditioning
And oneA play where a player is fouled while making a basket
ADDAttention deficit disorder
ALOLActually laughing out loud
ArtsyDisplay of artistic style
ATWAll the way
ATMAutomated teller machine
AFAs f***
ADHDAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder
A3Anyplace, anywhere, anytime
AFVAmerica's Funniest Videos
ALDSAmerican League Division Series
AARAt any rate
AHTAfter-hours trading
Air punchTo punch the air in triumph
ASATAs simple as that
AIArtificial intelligence
ALCSAmerican League Championship Series
AOTYAlbum of the year
AYFRAre you for real?
AWHFYAre we having fun yet?
AOEArea of effect
ACLAnterior cruciate ligament
APMActions per minute
AYPIAnd your point is?
A2TAddicted to texting
ATSTAt the same time
AYSOSAre you stupid or something?
AD&DAdvanced Dungeons and Dragons
AOYPAngel on your pillow
A7XAvenged Sevenfold
AutomagicallyMagically automatic
AFCAmerican Football Conference
ARTSAction real-time strategy
ADADAnother day another dollar
ALAmerican League
AFHVAmerica's Funniest Home Videos
ampTo be loud and angry
AFOLAdult fan of Lego
AppoholicA person addicted to downloading apps
AGTAmerica's Got Talent
aar8At any rate
AYTAre you there?
AceSolo winner
AMAAsk me anything
ALAPAs late as possible
APCA Perfect Circle
AHAt home
ARMAdjustable rate mortgage
AWOLAbsent while online
AAAHigh quality video game
AISBAs I said before
ASLPAge, sex, location, picture
amiriteAm I right
AYWAs you wish
AYTMTBAnd you're telling me this because
ARFAcute renal failure
AMLAll my love
AAFAlways and forever
Around the hornDouble play from third to second to first base
Aggro deckAggressive card deck
Alley oopA pass to a teammate who puts the ball in the basket
AOFly outs
ATBAll the best
AFUAll f***ed up
AFAIACAs far as I am concerned
AUDAustralian dollar
AYWKAs you well know
AOCAvailable on cell
APAccounts payable
ARAccounts receivable
AGIAdjusted gross income
AAAs above
AYKAs you know
Alpha momA dominant female in a group of mothers
AWTYAre we there yet?
ATPMAbout to pee myself
ADMAy dios mio
AWTAt what time
ASAYGTAs soon as you get this
Annie OakleyFree pass
ASYCAs soon as you can
AttagirlGood job
AIMEAs I mentioned earlier
AFIA Fire Inside
AISEAs I said earlier
AFJApril Fools' joke
AYPHAre your parents home
A2DAgree to disagree
AHSAmerican Horror Story
ADIHAnother day in Hell
AIMBAs I mentioned before
AOASAll of a sudden
AYPLAre your parent listening
AbandonwareGame that has been abandoned by its developer
ArmadilloGamer who plays slowly
AYAOTDAre You Afraid of the Dark?
AYFTAre you free today?
AFPOEA fresh pair of eyes
AYPWOLAre your parents watching or listening
AskholeA person who asks stupid questions
AMPAdventure Multiplayer
AYECAt your earliest convenience
APSAdult protective services
ABPAlready been posted
AMIAcute myocardial infarction
ALPAssisted living program
ALOSAverage length of stay
ANDAllow natural death
AEDAutomated external defibrillator
ACLSAdvanced cardiac life support
ABAt bat
ALSAdvanced life support
AMAAmerican Medical Association
AceBest starting pitcher
AIRAssumed interest rate
AYDYAre you done yet?
AWCAfter awhile crocodile
AttwactionAttraction to a Twitter user
ALWAin't life wonderful
ALGAin't life grand
AnnivorceryAnniversary of a divorce
AFDBA few days back
AFDAA few days ago
AFBAway from brain
AIICAs if I care
AAKAsleep at keyboard
AAAApply to affected area
ACOAccountable care organization
ARIAcute respiratory infection
AFAIAAAs far as I am aware
APACAll praise and credit
AEAccident and emergency
AAMOFAs a matter of fact
AFAYCAs far as you're concerned
altAlternate character
AISIAs I see it
ANFSCDAnd now for something completely different
abt2About to
AHAuction house
APAttack power
AMGAh my gosh
arpArmor penetration
AAKAlive and kicking
AOTAAll of the above
AAFAs a friend
ADIPAnother day in paradise
AMAPAs much as possible
AONAll or nothing
A/S/L/PAge, sex, location, picture
AFCAway from computer
AFAICSAs far as I can see
AMBLAll my boundless love
AFAICTAs far as I can tell
AYORAt your own risk
AUTAre you there
ADNAny day now
AFAPAs fast as possible
ALAPAs long as possible
AAWCAfter awhile crocodile
AYCAre you coming?
AYWAs you were
AYSAre you serious?
AYKMAre you kidding me?
AOIA** on ice
ANTMAmerica's Next Top Model
APAttached Parenting
AHFYAlways here for you
AMSAsk me something
AEArea of effect
AMFAdios my friend
AYBABTUAll your base are belong to us
APAbility power
arpenArmor penetration
ASAIKAs soon as I know
AIAll in
ADAMAll draft all mid
ASPAfter show party
AttaboyGood job
AarpingElderly person complaining repeatedly
AwesomesauceSuper awesome
ARAssault rifle
AimbotAutomatic aiming bot
AFAggression factor
ADCAttack damage carry
addsAdditional mobs
ADSAiming down sight
ARAMAll random all mid
ADAttack damage
ASAttack speed
AEAPAs early as possible
AAYFAs always, your friend
AIPAgreement in principle
AttwictedAddicted to Twitter
AMBWAll my best wishes
AIUIAs I understand it
AOMMAlways on my mind
ATSLAlong the same lines
ATYSAnything you say
AWAAs well as
ATTAll the time
AIAs if
AFWIWAnyway, for what it's worth
ASAYCAs soon as you can
AFNAll for now
AATKAlways at the keyboard
ABCPA bad computer professional
aipfAll in preflop
ATTTAin't that the truth
ACCAnyone can come
AFAIRAs far as I remember
AASAlive and smiling
AFCAway from controller
AIMPAlways in my prayers
AONAs of now
AONApropos of nothing
AAPAlways a pleasure
AJAbsolute jerk
AWLTPAvoiding work like the plague
ADBBAll done, bye-bye
AAAdios amigo
ASAICAs soon as I can
altA lot
ADPICAlways Dependably Politically Incorrect
ABDAlready been done