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F Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Popularity
FYIFor your information
FWIWFor what it's worth
FUBARFouled up beyond all recognition
FTWFor the win
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FestivusA holiday celebration
FPSFrames per second
FTTBFor the time being
FPSFirst-person shooter
FaceremorseRemorse after posting on Facebook
Final FourLast four teams
FFLFantasy Football League
fboFacebook official
FRFor reference
FroyoFrozen yogurt
FTRFor the record
FrontinTo pretend you are something you are not
FIFOFirst in, first out
FWBFriends with benefits
FGSFor goodness sake
FriendsgivingThanksgiving with friends
FYRFor your reference
FOMOFFear of missing out on football
FIFAFédération Internationale de Football Association
FandomCommunity of fans
FFFantasy Football
FNLFriday Night Lights
FCFSFirst-come, first-served
FWMFine with me
FarmTo gather supplies
FOMOFear of missing out
FacepalmTo place the palm of your hand on your face
FoxAttractive woman
FSBOFor sale by owner
FarmingTo earn experience and items
FF5Family Force 5
FFFriends forever
FFFast forward
FreshBrand new
FOUOFor official use only
FlexTo show off
fragPlayer kill
fedsFederal agents
fellaFellow person
FFFinal Fantasy
FMIFor more information
FreebieFree item
FGSQTCFor gosh's sake quit the crap
FSFor sale
FOAFFriend of a friend
FiremanLate-inning relief pitcher
FFAFree for all
FTPFile transfer protocol
FUF*** you
FTLFor the loss
Frozen ropeLine drive baseball hit
FIFAWWCFIFA Women's World Cup
fpctFielding percentage
FOTFLFalling on the floor laughing
FPLFederal poverty level
FelfieFamily picture
FAHFunny as heck
FTGFor the group
forexForeign exchange market
F2FFace to face
FMLF*** my life
FORDFound on road dead
FOBFresh off the boat
FTEWFor the epic win
FillerUnnecessary content
FAFFunny as fluff
FOSFigure of speech
FDAFood and Drug Administration
fo shoFor sure
Four-baggerInvestment that quadrupled
Find your silenceBe quiet
FSFull Screen
FarmedEfficiently defeated
FHOFriends Hanging Out
FangirlA dedicated female fan
FungryF****** hungry
FloordrobeFloor with clothes piled on it
FBFFlash Back Friday
FMVFull motion video
French exitTo leave without saying goodbye
FTCFailure to communicate
F11Finger Eleven
FWBLFriends with Better Lives
FLOTUSFirst lady of the United States
FriendzoneYour love interest thinks of you as just a friend
FXForeign exchange market
FRBFederal Reserve Board
FlossTo show off wealth
FDICFederal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FUTAFederal Unemployment Tax Act
FICAFederal Insurance Contributions Act
FOHF*** outta here
FFFollow Friday
FEFinger Eleven
FurryFan of anthropomorphic animals
FauxgieneTo pretend to wash your hands
FaceIn your face
FOMCLFell out of my chair laughing
FSEFunniest s*** ever
FuglyF***ing ugly
Four baggerHome run
FOMOHFear of missing out on hockey
FantabulousBetter than fantastic or fabulous
FOFLMAOFalling on the floor laughing my a** off
FlatlanderPerson who lives in a non-mountainous region
FRFor real
FTFYFixed that for you
FTELFor the epic loss
FFFFight for first
FUSITFouled up situation
FTKFor the kill
FCFingers crossed
FLAFour letter acronym
FCOLFor crying out loud
FYLF*** your life
FPFlight point
F/FFace to face
FAWCFor anyone who cares
FBOWFor better or worse
FBTWFine, be that way
FOTDFace of the day
FWFuture wife
FOCLFalling off the chair laughing
FOFLFalling on the floor laughing
FTMPFor the most part
FYAFor your amusement
FICCLFrankly, I couldn't care less
F2TFree to talk
FOTFLOLFalling on the floor, laughing out loud
FOTFLMAOFalling on the floor laughing my a** off
FUDFear, uncertainty, and doubt
FFSFor f***'s sake
FYEOFor your eyes only
FORGIVEFaith, Obedience, Righteousness, Grace, Inheritance, Victory, Edify
FHFuture husband
FOCFree of charge
FOSFreedom of speech
FUMFouled up mess
FBMFine by me
FacestalkingLooking through someone's pictures on Facebook
FNGFlippin' new guy
FVFFinal value fee
FinnaFixing to
FanboyA dedicated male fan
FFFocus fire
FFFaerie fire
FrealzFor real
FISHFirst in still here
FFDPFive Finger Death Punch
FTTTFrom time to time
FUCTFailed under continuous testing
FYKIFor your kind information
FYEFor your entertainment
FSRFor some reason
FOTCLFalling off the chair laughing
FOSFeat of strength
FTFFace to face
FFFFlat foreign female
FFWEFinds fault with everything
FFFreeze frame
FTBOMHFrom the bottom of my heart
FUTFollow up to
FITBFill in the blanks
F2PFree to play
FNBFootball and beer
FOFar out
FOFreaking out
FFFlying Fadoodle
FriEndless friend
FYMFor your misinformation
FTFOIFor the fun of it
FYFFrom your friend
FORDFlipped Over and Rebuilt Dodge
FUFully understood
FMJFull metal jacket
FOOMCLFalling out of my chair laughing
fbcFacebook Chat
fbfFacebook friend
FTMFWFor the mother f***ing win
FFEForge fast expand
FHF***ing Heck