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G Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Popularity
GJGood job
GTGGot to go
GLHFGood luck have fun
GPSGlobal positioning system
GGGood game
GamerVideo game player
GotchaI get you
GLGood luck
GMGood match
Grand SlamFour-run home run
GrandA thousand dollars
GOATGreatest of all time
GB2WGet back to work
GMABGive me a break
GPOYGratuitous picture of yourself
Gummy acheStomach ache from eating gummy candies
GNPGross National Product
GlitchingMalfunctioning video game
Go viralTo become popular on the Internet
GTGGood to go
GGames played
GosuHighly skilled
GPAGrade point average
G2GGotta go
GTAGrand Theft Auto
GNSTGood night, sleep tight
GIFGraphics Interchange Format
GA thousand dollars
GrieferIrritating player
gonnaGoing to
GDGreen Day
G2GPGot to go pee
GIGGod is good
GSGood shot
G2KGood to know
GGGGotta get a grip
GTRGot to run
GOMBGet off my back
GSOHGreat sense of humor
GBTWGet back to work
GBFNGoodbye for now
GMVGot my vote
GNRGuns N' Roses
GIGOGarbage in, garbage out
G4IGo for it
GMAFBGive me a friggin' break
GTLGym, Tan, Laundry
GIGlycemic Index
GBAGameboy Advance
GogoGo now
GhostingObserving an enemy player
GPOYWGratuitous picture of yourself Wednesday
GGAGood game all
GGOHGotta get out of here
GSLGlobal StarCraft League
G6Gulfstream G650
Ghost cheeksThe warmth on a seat left by another person
GDPGross Domestic Product
GYPOGet your pants off
GGLGood game loser
GPGo private
GrelfieGroup selfie
GR&DGrinning, running, and ducking
GhostingLeaving without saying goodbye
GrounderBaseball hit on the ground
GrexitGreek exit
GLGood looking
GSGames started
GamergateControversy about sexism in video game culture
GALGet a life
GrindTo do something difficult
Grand SlamFour major golf tournaments
Grand SlamFour major tennis tournaments
GSHGrand Slams
GOGround outs
GFGames finished
GMGood move
G2GGood to go
GOTYGame of the Year
GL2UGood luck to you
GLWTGood luck with that
GRGotta Run
GOLGiggle out loud
GFYGood for you
GroolGreat and cool
GUIGraphical User Interface
ggsGood games
GRSLGrand Slams
Ghetto blasterLarge, portable radio
GOMGrumpy old man
GedditGet it
Gender ninjaAn androgynous person
GriefingIrritating other players
GameblingA combination of gaming and gambling
GrindingPlaying long hours
GleekGlee geek
Golden SlamTennis Grand Slam and the Olympics gold medal
GFTDGone for the day
GCGood Crib
GMBOGiggling my butt off
GSTLGlobal StarCraft Team League
GADGet a dictionary
GLNGGood luck next game
gle1Good luck everyone
GerdOh my gosh!
GACGet a clue
GNGet naked
G-WalkFootwork-based dance move
GNAGood night all
GTRMGoing to read mail
GHGood half
GMILYGood morning I love you
GOTGame of Thrones
Gummy tummyStomach ache from eating gummy candies
GIGoogle it
GNSDGood night sweet dreams
GWGood work
GWIGet with it
Gangsta WalkingDancing with intricate foot movement
G4UGood for you
GTSYGlad to see you
GNOGirls night out
GSWGot some weed
GTFGone too far
GYFOGet your freak on
GDGood day
GLHFTTYLGood luck, have fun, talk to you later
GTFOGet the f*** out
GOW2Gears of War 2
GOLFGentlemen only, ladies forbidden
GGGood grief
GOLGroaning out loud
gpwGlobal Password
GFUGood for you
GBHGreat big hug
GDRGrinning, ducking, running
GFNGone for now
GMGood morning
GMTAGreat minds think alike
GBPBritish pound
GOWGears of War
G2PGone to pee
GT2TGot time to talk
GJPGood job partner
GD&HGrinning, ducking, and hiding
GD&RGrinning, ducking, and running
GNOCGet naked on camera
G2BGoing to bed
GBRGarbled beyond recovery
GFGGood friggin' game
GFETEGrinning from ear to ear
G4NGood for nothing
GBYGod bless you
GNE1Good night everyone
G1Good one
GUGently used
GTKGood to know
GL&GHGood luck and good hunting
GUFNGrounded until further notice
GICGod's in control
GMGame master
gnightGood night
GBHKGreat big hug and kiss
GIWISTGee, I wish I'd said that
GBGuild bank
GOMLGet on my level
G2CUGood to see you
GLEGood luck everyone
GOKGod only knows
GIDPGround into double play
GGPGotta go pee
GOWMGo out with me
GTMGiggle to myself
GIWISIGee, I wish I said it
GICNBYGosh, I cannot believe you
GICBTSGosh, I can't believe that stuff
G2TUGot to tell you
GAGo ahead
GAGood afternoon
GASGreetings and salutations
G2RGot to run
GCGroovy cat
GEGood evening
GGOGGGreat gobs of goose grease
GALMAGo away, leave me alone
GIGood idea
GTPBGot to pee badly
gtrdunGet 'er done
GASGear Acquisition Syndrome
G2PBGot to pee badly
GYSRGosh, you're so random
GTFOOHGet the f*** out of here
gitGet over it
GPSGod's positioning system
G2GGS2DGot to go get something to drink
GAGGot any gossip?
GBTTDGot better things to do
GSGear score
GD&RVFGrinning, ducking, and running very fast
GKGo know
GOYHHGet off your high horse
GBH&KGreat big hug and kiss
GOWIGet on with it
GLGet lost
GAWMAGo ahead, whet my appetite
GTGood try
GSHIWMPGiggling so hard I wet my pants
G2GIAMGot to go in a minute
GFYGo f*** yourself
GGGBGood girl gone bad