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Facebook Slang

Love it or hate it, Facebook is almost impossible to avoid. Whether you only visit Facebook occasionally or post on your friends' timelines multiple times a day, it's helpful to know common Facebook slang. Below is a list of slang terms that are often used on Facebook.

Slang Term Meaning Popularity
fbcFacebook Chat
fbfFacebook friend
FacestalkingLooking through someone's pictures on Facebook
FOMOHFear of missing out on hockey
SelteringSticking out your rear in a fitness pose
ShelfiePicture of objects arranged on a shelf
DGYFDang girl, you're fine
FBFFlash Back Friday
MFWMy face when
MRWMy reaction when
SnoozefeedTo scroll your newsfeed instead of getting out of bed
Serpentine draftDraft where the last pick in one round is the first in the next
RB2Second starting fantasy running back
QB1First starting fantasy quarterback
PC4PCPicture comment for picture comment
GPOYWGratuitous picture of yourself Wednesday
LMSLike my status
TBTThrowback Thursday
SDSweet dreams
S4SShare for share
FFFantasy football
FOMOFFear of missing out on football
HIFWHow I felt when
MIRLMe in real life
Likers get rateAnyone who likes this post will get a rate
FriendversaryFriendship anniversary
LPPLikes per post
ADPAverage draft position
Keeper leagueFantasy sports league where you keep your players
Draft dasherA fantasy football owner who drafts a team and abandons it
Snake draftDraft where the last pick in one round is the first in the next
Waiver hawkA fantasy sports owner who patrols the waiver wire
PPRPoints per reception
BustA player that does not perform well
Auction draftDraft where owners bid on players
SleeperA player drafted low but exceeds expectations
HandcuffA fantasy football backup player
IDPIndividual defensive player
QB2Second starting fantasy quarterback
RB1Starting fantasy running back
FlexFantasy football position that can be a RB, WR, or TE
WRWide receiver
WR1First starting fantasy wide receiver
WR2Second starting fantasy wide receiver
WR3Third starting fantasy wide receiver
TETight end
STSpecial teams
FlierGamble on a risky player
TBHTo be honest
fboFacebook official
GPOYGratuitous picture of yourself
FaceremorseRemorse after posting on Facebook
FFLFantasy Football League
TBRTo be real
ffbFantsay football
RBRunning back