Chat SlangO Slang Terms

Slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations that start with O

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Abbreviation Meaning
O&OOver and out
O4UOnly for you
OAOver acting
OAOOver and out
OAROn a roll
OBGObstetrics and gynecology
OBGYNObstetrics and gynecology
OBOOr best offer
OBPOn-base Percentage
OBTWOh, by the way
OCOf course
OCDObsessive compulsive disorder
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OFAOutfield assists
ofcOf course
Off the hookTotally awesome
OFLOut for lunch
OGOriginal gangster
OGWOh gosh why
Oh snapExpression of surprise
ohemgeeOh my gosh
OIOpportunistic infection
OICOh, I see
OICNOh, I see now
OITNBOrange is the New Black
OJOrange juice
OKOne kiss
OLOld lady
OLPCOne Laptop Per Child
OLTLOne Life to Live
OMOld man
OMOh man
OmahaChange of plans
OMAMOf Monsters and Men
OMAMOf Mice and Men
OMCOh my Carlisle
OMDOh my darn!
OMDBOver my dead body
OMEOh my Edward
OMFGOh my freaking gosh
OMFGAZOh my freaking gosh and zounds
OMFGYASBOh my freaking gosh, you're a sexy beast
OMGOh my gosh
OMGDOh my gosh, duh
OMGFOh my godfather
OMGNOh my gosh noob
OMGROFLMAOOh my gosh, rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
OMGWTFBBQOh my gosh, what the f***, barbeque
OMGYSOh my gosh you suck
OMHOh my heavens!
OMJOh my Jonas
OMLOh my L...
OMMOn my mind
OMOHODOne minute, one hour, one day
OMWOn my way
On deckBatting second
On fleekPerfect
On pointPerfect
On the buttonHard hit ball
On the screwsHard hit ball
ONCOOr nearest cash offer
One and doneSingle elimination tournament
oneshotOne shot completion
Onion checkTo check the source of a news headline
ONNAOh no, not again
ONOOr nearest offer
onozOh no
ONYDOh no you didn't
OOOver and out
OOOn order
OOAKOne of a kind
OOCOut of character
OOHOut of here
OOMOut of mana
oomfGreat strain
OOMFOne of my followers
OOOOut of office
OOPOut of pocket
OOPOut of print
OopsExclamation of a mistake
OOTOut of topic
OOTOut of town
OOTBOut of the box
OOTDOutfit of the day
OOYFMOut of your freaking mind
OPOriginal poster
OpaGreek exclamation
OPIOverpaid idiot
OPKOvulation predictor kit
OPMOther people's money
OPSOn-base Plus Slugging Percentage
orlyOh really
OROYOffensive Rookie of the Year
ORPOriginal Retail Price
OSLTOr something like that
OTOther topic
OTOff topic
OTAOver the air
OTBOff the boat
OTCOver the counter
OTEOver the edge
OTFLMAOOn the floor laughing my a** off
OTGOn the ground
OTGLOn the ground laughing
OTHOff the hook
OTKOne turn kill
OTLOut to lunch
OTOHOn the other hand
OTPOne true pairing
OTPOn the phone
OTSOff the subject
OTSOn the scene
OTSOpen two seater
OTTOver the top
OTTHOn the third hand
OTTOMHOff the top of my head
OTWOff to work
OTWOn the way
outtaOut of
ownageCompletely owned
OwnerPlayer that controls the minion
OWTTEOr words to that effect