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Slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations that start with U

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Abbreviation Meaning
U mad broAre you mad?
u-okYou OK?
U2You too
U2UUp to you
UberThe best
UCEUnsolicited commercial e-mail
UDFIYou don't fit in
UG2BKYou got to be kidding
UIUser Interface
UKWISYou know what I'm saying
ULKGR8You look great
ULPPUnluckiest person on the planet
ultUltimate ability
UNADRYou need a doctor
Uncle CharlieCurve ball
UnfriendRemove Facebook friend
UnkeyboardinatedUncoordinated with a keyboard
UnlighteningGiving information that makes a person dumber
unoYou know
uokYou OK?
UOMEYou owe me
upsJumping ability
URUnearned runs
URYou are
UR2MYou are too much
uraYou're a
URA*You are a star
URABYou are a b****
URALYou are a loser
uraqtYou are a cutie
URCYou are caught
URGR8You are great
URLUniform Resource Locator
urs4eYours forever
URSKTMYou are so kind to me
URTBYou are the best
URTMYou are the man
urwYou're welcome
USAUntil sides ache
USAUnited States of America
USADYou're such a dork
USBYou sexy b****
USDUnited States dollars
USFDAUnited States Food and Drug Administration
USMNTUnited States Men's National Team
USWNTUnited States Women's National Team
UTYou there?
UT2LYou take too long
UTFLUse the force, Luke
UTGUnder the gun
UWYou're welcome
UXUser Interface
UYUp yours