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Miscellaneous Emoticons

Since there are thousands of emoticons available, they don't all fit into specific categories. All of the lonely emoticons that weren't welcome in the other categories have found a home in the miscellaneous category below.

Emoticon Meaning Popularity
O:-)Angel (6)
-_-;Anime Sweat Drop (3)
\m/Metal (3)
?:-)Fancy Hair
(@)In a Nut Shell
:^oLiar Liar
:~)Long Nose
8==8Seeing Eye to Eye
:-| :-|Deja Vu
:-MSpeak no Evil
=;Talk to the Hand
:-cCall Me
:)]On the Phone
:-tTime Out
:-$Do Not Tell Anyone
<:-PParty (3)
:-#Lips are Sealed
:-*Secret Telling
(k)Red Lips
(m)MSN Messenger
(ip)Island with a Palm Tree
(st)Stormy Cloud
(brb)Be Right Back
(_|_)Butt (2)
((o))Sunshine (2)
O   O
'   '
 ( )-( )     
"   "
o,..,oFangs (3)
(~};)Grateful Dead (2)
(%)Yin Yang
<3+<3In Love (2)
*<|:o)Happy Birthday
:!!Hurry Up
*-:)Idea (2)
:42:Answer to Everything
[-xShame on You
_\m/I Love You
(^-^:)Vampire Bite
^-.-^ ZzzzzCat Nap
O-S-<In a hurry
:-0 hbtu 0-:Happy Birthday To You
((-_(-_-)_-))Care Crowd
<2Not quite love
(cash)Cash (2)
(poolparty)Pool Party
༼ঢ_㇁ঢ༽Bad hair day (2)
:-sBizzare Comment