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AIM Emoticon Shortcuts

AIM, or AOL Instant Messenger, was the instant messaging program that started it all. Since its introduction in 1997, tens of millions of people have used AIM to chat online. If you're one of the millions of AIM users, you can use the emoticon shortcuts below to add some fun smileys to your messages.

Use the following ASCII codes to insert smileys and other small images into AIM.

Shortcut Smiley Meaning
O:-)Angel SmileyAngel
:-DBig Grin SmileyBig Grin
:'(Crying SmileyCrying
:-[Embarrassed SmileyEmbarrassed
:-!Foot in Mouth SmileyFoot in Mouth
:-(Frown SmileyFrown
:(Frown SmileyFrown
:-\Hmmm SmileyHmmm
:-*Kiss SmileyKiss
:-XLips are Sealed SmileyLips are Sealed
:-$Money Mouth SmileyMoney Mouth
:-)Smile SmileySmile
:)Smile SmileySmile
:-PSticking Tongue Out SmileySticking Tongue Out
=-OUh-oh SmileyUh-oh
;)Winking SmileyWinking
;-)Winking SmileyWinking
>:OYelling SmileyYelling