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Windows Live Messenger Emoticon Shortcuts

Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) is an instant messaging program developed by Microsoft. Thanks to the program's integration with other Microsoft products, Live Messenger has become one of the most popular online chat programs. If you use Live Messenger, you can use the emoticon shortcuts below to insert some fun images into your messages.

Use the following ASCII codes to insert smileys and other small images into Windows Live Messenger.

Shortcut Smiley Meaning
(ap)Airplane SmileyAirplane
:8)Alien SmileyAlien
(a)Angel SmileyAngel
:[email protected]Angry SmileyAngry
:@Angry SmileyAngry
(au)Auto SmileyAuto
8o|Baring Teeth SmileyBaring Teeth
(brb)Be Right Back SmileyBe Right Back
(b)Beer Mug SmileyBeer Mug
(^)Birthday Cake SmileyBirthday Cake
(bah)Black Sheep SmileyBlack Sheep
(||)Bowl SmileyBowl
(z)Boy SmileyBoy
(U)Broken Heart SmileyBroken Heart
(bus)Bus SmileyBus
(p)Camera SmileyCamera
(@)Cat Face SmileyCat Face
(o)Clock SmileyClock
(C)Coffee Cup SmileyCoffee Cup
(co)Computer SmileyComputer
:-SConfused SmileyConfused
:sConfused SmileyConfused
:'(Crying SmileyCrying
(6)Devil SmileyDevil
:-|Disappointed SmileyDisappointed
:|Disappointed SmileyDisappointed
(&)Dog Face SmileyDog Face
(E)E-mail SmileyE-mail
:$Embarrassed SmileyEmbarrassed
(v)Envious SmileyEnvious
8-)Eye-Rolling SmileyEye-Rolling
(~)Filmstrip SmileyFilmstrip
(yn)Fingers Crossed SmileyFingers Crossed
(ff)Flirty Female SmileyFlirty Female
(fm)Flirty Male SmileyFlirty Male
:'|Freezing SmileyFreezing
(boo)Ghost SmileyGhost
(g)Gift with a Bow SmileyGift with a Bow
(x)Girl SmileyGirl
(nah)Goat SmileyGoat
(nnh)Goat SmileyGoat
(h5)High Five SmileyHigh Five
:-\Hmmm SmileyHmmm
(h)Hot SmileyHot
:^)I Do Not Know SmileyI Do Not Know
:]In Love SmileyIn Love
(wm)Innocent SmileyInnocent
(ip)Island with a Palm Tree SmileyIsland with a Palm Tree
(jk)Joking SmileyJoking
(xo)Kiss SmileyKiss
(lol)Laughing Out Loud SmileyLaughing Out Loud
({)Left Hug SmileyLeft Hug
(i)Light Bulb SmileyLight Bulb
(li)Lightning SmileyLightning
(d)Martini Glass SmileyMartini Glass
(mp)Mobile Phone SmileyMobile Phone
(mo)Money SmileyMoney
(m)MSN Messenger SmileyMSN Messenger
8-|Nerd SmileyNerd
(j)Ninja SmileyNinja
(8)Note SmileyNote
:-DOpen-Mouthed Smile SmileyOpen-Mouthed Smile
:dOpen-Mouthed Smile SmileyOpen-Mouthed Smile
<o)Party SmileyParty
*p*Peace SmileyPeace
(pi)Pizza SmileyPizza
(pl)Plate SmileyPlate
(pu)Point Up SmileyPoint Up
:}Princess SmileyPrincess
*|Punch SmileyPunch
*\Punk SmileyPunk
('.')Rabbit SmileyRabbit
(R)Rainbow SmileyRainbow
(l)Red Heart SmileyRed Heart
(k)Red Lips SmileyRed Lips
(f)Red Rose SmileyRed Rose
(})Right Hug SmileyRight Hug
(rotfl)Rolling on the Floor Laughing SmileyRolling on the Floor Laughing
:-(Sad SmileySad
:(Sad SmileySad
^o)Sarcastic SmileySarcastic
*s*School SmileySchool
:-*Secret Telling SmileySecret Telling
+o(Sick SmileySick
(s)Sleeping Half-Moon SmileySleeping Half-Moon
|-)Sleepy SmileySleepy
:-)Smile SmileySmile
:)Smile SmileySmile
(sn)Snail SmileySnail
(so)Soccer Ball SmileySoccer Ball
(*)Star SmileyStar
;@Steaming Mad SmileySteaming Mad
:-PSticking Tongue Out SmileySticking Tongue Out
:PSticking Tongue Out SmileySticking Tongue Out
(st)Stormy Cloud SmileyStormy Cloud
(#)Sunshine SmileySunshine
:oSurprised SmileySurprised
:-OSurprised SmileySurprised
(t)Telephone Receiver SmileyTelephone Receiver
*-)Thinking SmileyThinking
(n)Thumbs Down SmileyThumbs Down
(y)Thumbs Up SmileyThumbs Up
(tu)Turtle SmileyTurtle
(um)Umbrella SmileyUmbrella
:-[Vampire Bat SmileyVampire Bat
:[Vampire Bat SmileyVampire Bat
;-\Whatever SmileyWhatever
(w)Wilted Rose SmileyWilted Rose
;-)Winking SmileyWinking
;)Winking SmileyWinking
(wo)Work SmileyWork
(xx)Xbox SmileyXbox