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WordPress Emoticon Shortcuts

WordPress is a popular blogging tool and content management system used by many different websites. It provides several emoticon shortcuts that bloggers can use to add feelings or emotions to their posts. By default, smiley shortcuts are enabled, but they may also be turned off by the WordPress administrator. If turned off, the emoticon text is displayed instead of the smiley icon.

Use the following ASCII codes to insert smileys and other small images into WordPress.

Shortcut Smiley Meaning
:arrow:Arrow SmileyArrow
:-DBig Grin SmileyBig Grin
:grin:Big Grin SmileyBig Grin
:DBig Grin SmileyBig Grin
:-?Confused SmileyConfused
:?Confused SmileyConfused
:???:Confused SmileyConfused
:cry:Crying SmileyCrying
:oops:Embarrassed SmileyEmbarrassed
:twisted:Evil Grin SmileyEvil Grin
:idea:Idea SmileyIdea
:!:Important SmileyImportant
:neutral:Indifferent SmileyIndifferent
:lol:Laughing Out Loud SmileyLaughing Out Loud
:xMad SmileyMad
:-xMad SmileyMad
:mad:Mad SmileyMad
:?:Question SmileyQuestion
:roll:Rolling Eyes SmileyRolling Eyes
:-(Sad SmileySad
:(Sad SmileySad
:sad:Sad SmileySad
:shock:Shocked SmileyShocked
8OShocked SmileyShocked
:smile:Smile SmileySmile
:)Smile SmileySmile
:-)Smile SmileySmile
:razz:Sticking Tongue Out SmileySticking Tongue Out
:PSticking Tongue Out SmileySticking Tongue Out
:-PSticking Tongue Out SmileySticking Tongue Out
:cool:Sunglasses SmileySunglasses
8)Sunglasses SmileySunglasses
8-)Sunglasses SmileySunglasses
:eek:Surprised SmileySurprised
:oSurprised SmileySurprised
:-OSurprised SmileySurprised
8-OWide-eyed SmileyWide-eyed
:wink:Winking SmileyWinking
;)Winking SmileyWinking
;-)Winking SmileyWinking