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Yahoo! Messenger Emoticon Shortcuts

Yahoo.com is one of the most popular websites on the Internet and Yahoo!'s instant messaging client is one of the most popular as well. Yahoo! Messenger (YIM) supports a large number of animated emoticon shortcuts, which are listed below.

Use the following ASCII codes to insert smileys and other small images into Yahoo! Messenger.

Shortcut Smiley Meaning
>-)Alien SmileyAlien
O:)Angel SmileyAngel
X(Angry SmileyAngry
=D>Applause SmileyApplause
0-+April SmileyApril
~X(At Wits End SmileyAt Wits End
;;)Batting Eyelashes SmileyBatting Eyelashes
b-(Beat Up SmileyBeat Up
b-)Beat up SmileyBeat up
:bzBee SmileyBee
:DBig Grin SmileyBig Grin
>:D<Big Hug SmileyBig Hug
o=>Billy SmileyBilly
=">Blushing SmileyBlushing
>:/Bring it On SmileyBring it On
=((Broken Heart SmileyBroken Heart
=:)Bug SmileyBug
:-cCall Me SmileyCall Me
:[email protected]Chatterbox SmileyChatterbox
~:>Chicken SmileyChicken
:O)Clown SmileyClown
:-??Confused SmileyConfused
:-/Confused SmileyConfused
B-)Cool SmileyCool
3:-OCow SmileyCow
<):)Cowboy SmileyCowboy
:((Crying SmileyCrying
~o)Cup of Coffee SmileyCup of Coffee
\:D/Dancing SmileyDancing
8->Daydreaming SmileyDaydreaming
>:)Devil SmileyDevil
:-$Do Not Tell Anyone SmileyDo Not Tell Anyone
:o3Dog SmileyDog
#-oDoh! SmileyDoh!
=P~Drooling SmileyDrooling
%%-Four Leaf Clover SmileyFour Leaf Clover
:-LFrustrated SmileyFrustrated
;))Giggle SmileyGiggle
o->Hiro SmileyHiro
:!!Hurry Up SmileyHurry Up
@-)Hypnotized SmileyHypnotized
X_XI Do Not Want to See SmileyI Do Not Want to See
*-:)Idea SmileyIdea
^#(^It Was Not Me SmileyIt Was Not Me
:-*Kiss SmileyKiss
:))Laughing SmileyLaughing
:^oLiar Liar SmileyLiar Liar
L-)Loser SmileyLoser
:xLove Struck SmileyLove Struck
$-)Money Eyes SmileyMoney Eyes
:(|)Monkey SmileyMonkey
:-SSNailbiting SmileyNailbiting
:-BNerd SmileyNerd
%-(Not Listening SmileyNot Listening
[-(Not talking SmileyNot talking
^:)^Not Worthy SmileyNot Worthy
:-jOh Go On SmileyOh Go On
:)]On the Phone SmileyOn the Phone
<:-PParty SmileyParty
:)>-Peace SmileyPeace
>:PPhbbbbt SmileyPhbbbbt
:@)Pig SmileyPig
:ar!Pirate SmileyPirate
[-o<Praying SmileyPraying
(~~)Pumpkin SmileyPumpkin
/:)Raised Eyebrow SmileyRaised Eyebrow
\m/Rocking SmileyRocking
8-|Rolling Eyes SmileyRolling Eyes
=))Rolling on the Floor Laughing SmileyRolling on the Floor Laughing
@};-Rose SmileyRose
:(Sad SmileySad
[-xShame on You SmileyShame on You
:-&Sick SmileySick
:-<Sigh SmileySigh
8-}Silly SmileySilly
8-XSkull SmileySkull
|-)Sleepy SmileySleepy
:)Smile SmileySmile
:>Smug SmileySmug
(*)Star SmileyStar
:PSticking Tongue Out SmileySticking Tongue Out
:|Straight face SmileyStraight face
B-)Sunglasses SmileySunglasses
:-OSurprised SmileySurprised
=;Talk to the Hand SmileyTalk to the Hand
:-?Thinking SmileyThinking
:-qThumbs Down SmileyThumbs Down
:-bdThumbs Up SmileyThumbs Up
:-tTime Out SmileyTime Out
[..]Transformer SmileyTransformer
**==United States Flag SmileyUnited States Flag
:-wWaiting SmileyWaiting
:-hWave SmileyWave
#:-SWhew SmileyWhew
:-"Whistling SmileyWhistling
;)Winking SmileyWinking
:-SWorried SmileyWorried
(:|Yawn SmileyYawn
(%)Yin Yang SmileyYin Yang