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D Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Votes
D&DDungeons and Dragons
D/CDon't care
d20A twenty-sided die
D3Diablo 3
DADumb a**
DabHip hop dance move
Dab handAn expert
DabbinLeaning your head into your elbow with your other arm outstretched
DACADeferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
Dad praisingPraising a dad for performing simple parenting duties
Dad socksUnfashionable socks often worn by dads
DadbodMale body type with excessive weight in the midsection
Daddy praisingPraising a dad for performing simple parenting duties
Daddy shamingShaming dads for their choices
DadicationFatherly dedication
DAEDoes anyone else
DAFDope as f***
DafuqWhat the f***
DAHDumb a** hole
Damaged goodsA person who has one or more major flaws
Damp down your power coreSettle down
DankHigh quality marijuana
DankruptOut of Marijuana
Danny DeVitoFive foot putt
DAQDumb asked question
DARDaily afternoon randomness
DashieRainbow Dash
DatenapTo nap during a date
DatenappingNapping during a date
Dating SimSimulation games that focus on romantic interaction
Day oneA very close friend
DBADoing business as
DBABAIDon't be a baby about it
DBBSWFDream boat body, shipwreck face
DBDDon't be dumb
DBEYRDon't believe everything you read
DBGDon't be gay
DBMDeadly Boss Mods
DBMIBDon't bother me I'm busy
DBMNDon't bug me now
DBSDad behind shoulder
DBTSDon't believe that stuff
DBTSDon't believe their s***
DBUDon't beat up
DCAUDC Animated Universe
DDDear daughter
DDDesignated driver
DDDue diligence
DDASDon't do anything stupid
DDGDrop dead gorgeous
DDSOSDifferent day, same old stuff
Dead PresidentsMoney
deagleDesert Eagle
Deal breakerAn issue that breaks up a relationship
Death cleaningCleaning your home so others don't have to after you die
DebuffWeakening effect
Deep cutAn obscure work or reference
deepsDamage per second
Deez NutsA fake Presidential candidate
DeFiDecentralized finance
DegenA gambler who makes foolish bets
DEGTDon't even go there
Delete your accountGo away
DemThronesGame of Thrones
DenyingKilling your own creeps to prevent your enemy from killing them
DERDefensive Efficiency Rating
DerailTo take a discussion off topic
derpExpression of stupidity
DetweetTo delete a tweet
Devil's lettuceCannabis
DFDear fiance
DFDominance factor
dfgDeathfire Grasp
DFLDead freaking last
DFSDaily Fantasy Sports
DFTBADon't forget to be awesome
DGADon't go anywhere
DGADigital guardian angel
DGAFDon't give a f***
DGARADon't give a rat's a**
DGTDon't go there
DGYFDang girl, you're fine
DHDear husband
DHDear hubby
DHTCDon't hit the cell
DHYBDon't hold your breath
DIAFDie in a fire
Diamond handsTo hold a stock through losses
DibsRights to something
Diddy cropTo cut a person out of your life
Die in the holeGolf shot that makes it to the hole and falls in
DigitsPhone number
DIIKDarned if I know
DIKUDo I know you?
DIKYDo I know you?
DILLIGAFDo I look like I give a flip?
DILLIGAFFDoes it look like I give a flying flip?
DimePerfect ten
DingLevel up
DingerHome run
DINKDouble income no kids
DINODemocrat in name only
DipTo leave
DireThe dark faction in Defense of the Ancients 2
DishHome plate
DisruptorA champion that locks down opponents
DISTOLDid I say that out loud?
DITGDown in the gutter
DivaA self-important, demanding person
DivingVenturing far into enemy territory
Divorce bodyPhysically fit body after divorcing
DivotChunk of grass and soil
DIYDo it yourself
DKDon't know
DKDCDon't know, don't care
DKIMDomainKeys Identified Mail
DKPDragon kill points
DLDown low
DLDoing Laundry
DLDisabled list
dlcDownloadable content
DLMDon't leave me
DLODown low
DLTBBBDon't let the bedbugs bite
DLTCUDon't let them catch you
DLTMDon't lie to me
DMDo me
DMDirect message
DMDeath match
DMDoctor of Medicine
DMDungeon Master
DMBDave Matthews Band
DMIDon't mention it
DMNDSDoesn't make no dang sense
DMYDon't mess yourself
dnbl8Do not be late
DNCDemocratic National Committee
DNDDo not disturb
DnDDungeons & Dragons
DNFDid not finish
DNFTTDo not feed the trolls
DNIDo not intubate
dnoDon't know
DNRDo not resuscitate
DNSDomain Name System
DODoctor of Osteopathy
Do it for the gramTo do something only to share on Instagram
DOADead on arrival
DOCDrug of choice
Dog shotTo hit someone from behind
Dog waterWorthless
DogfaceUgly face
DoglegA golf hole with a fairway that bends
Dogleg leftA golf hole with a fairway that has a bend to the left
Dogleg rightA golf hole with a fairway that has a bend to the right
DOMDirty old man
DONDouble or nothing
Don't @ meDon't mention me in your tweets
Don't tase me broBack off
donchaDon't you
DoneI can't deal with it
DooExcrement from a human or an animal
Doo-dooChild term for human or animal excrement
Doom-scrollingScrolling through your newsfeed for the latest COVID-19 information
DoomerA person who focuses on negative possibilities
DopeIllegal drugs
DOSDad over shoulder
DOTDamage over time
DOTADefense of the Ancients
DoubleHit that results in the batter getting to second base
Double bogeyTwo strokes over par
Double doglegA golf hole with a fairway that has two bends
Double eagleThree strokes under par
Double playTwo outs on the same play
DouchebagArrogant jerk
DouchebaggeryObnoxious behavior
DouchelingPartial douchebag
DougieDance move
DPDear partner
DPDouble play
DPSDamage per second
DQDairy Queen
DQMOTDon't quote me on this
DQOTDDumb question of the day
DQYDJDon't quit your day job
DRDouble rainbow
Draft dasherA fantasy football owner who drafts a team and abandons it
DragTo insult
Drain the swampTo remove corruption
DrakingActing emotional
DrakingPlacing Drake's head on handicap wheelchair signs
DramedyDramatic and comedic movie
DRCDon't really care
DreamerA person protected under DACA
DressgateControversy about the colors of a dress
DripSexy style
DRKDon't really know
DRMDigital Rights Management
DropA ball dropped from a golfer's outstretched arm
Dropping facesSpending money
DROYDefensive Rookie of the Year
DSDear son
DSDeep state
DS9Deep Space Nine
DSIDon't sweat it
DSRDetailed seller rating
DSTDaylight Saving Time
dstr8Dang straight
DTDang typos
DTDark templar
DTDream Theater
DTCDown to cuddle
DTFDown to f***
DTPDisturbing the peace
DTPDown to party
DTRDefine the relationship
DTRTDo the right thing
DUDon't understand
DUDarn you
DuckfaceFacial expression with puckered lips
DuckrollTo mislead someone
DUCTDid you see that?
DudevorceEnd of a friendship between two guys
DuhOverly obvious
DUKDidn't you know?
DULMDo you love me
Dump statAn ability that an RPG player doesn't prioritize
Dumpster fireTotal mess
Dunk onMake fun of
DunkingOwning enemy player
dunnoDon't know
DURDo you remember
durStupidly obvious
DURSDang you are sexy
DUSTDid you see that?
DustTiny amounts of cryptocurrency
Dutch leaveLeaving without saying goodbye
DUUTDo you understand that?
DVRDigital video recorder
DWDon't worry
DWDear wife
DWBDon't write back
DWBDriving while black
DWBHDon't worry, be happy
DweetDrunk tweet
DWHTGTTADo we have to go through this again
DWIDriving while intoxicated
DWISNWIDDo what I say, not what I do
DWLDying with laughter
DWTDriving while texting
DWTSDancing with the Stars
DWWWISurfing the web while intoxicated
DYACD*** You Auto Correct
DYDDon't you dare
DYFIDid you find it
DYHABDo you have a boyfriend?
DYHAGDo you have a girlfriend?
DyingLaughing so hard
DYJHIWDon't you just hate it when
DYKDid you know
DYLMDo you like me
DYLMDo you love me
DYMDid you mean
DYTTHDid you talk to him?
DYTTHDid you talk to her?