1. What does AMA stand for?

Ask me anything

An acronym that means you can ask the person anything you want; often seen on Reddit; most likely used by someone who actually has something interesting to share, not much fun to ask boring people anything you want.


"I worked with Steve Jobs the last five years of his life, AMA."

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Last Updated: March 12, 2014

2. What does AMA stand for?

American Medical Association

An acronym for the largest association of physicians in the United States.

The association was founded in 1847 and its official mission is to promote the art and science of medicine for the betterment of the public health, to advance the interests of physicians and their patients, to promote public health, to lobby for legislation favorable to physicians and patients, and to raise money for medical education. Its headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois.


"I was able to attend school with tuition help from the AMA."

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Last Updated: January 14, 2015

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