1. What does Att stand for?

All the time

ATT is an acronym that stands for "all the time" and is commonly seen online and in text messages. It is typically used as an exaggeration of something happening more often than it really is, like 24/7.

The acronym is mostly associated with having to do annoying things, like working a lot or constantly changing diapers. Or it may be associated with a person acting annoying, such as talking on the phone for a long time or constantly chewing gum loudly. It is not to be confused with AT&T, which is a large telecommunications company.


"It seems like I am working att."
Att Image

Att means all the time

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Last Updated: February 27, 2019

2. What is att short for?


Att is a sports abbreviation for attempts. It is commonly used in football and refers to the number of times a QB has thrown a pass, a RB has rushed the ball, and a punt or kick returner has returned the ball.

The abbreviation is an important stat in sports because it shows the productivity of a player or team. In football, a QB's completion percentage is the number of completions divided by the number of attempts. The att abbreviation is also used to determine the average number of yards a RB gains per carry by dividing his total yards by the number of att.


"He only has 7 att today but somehow has accumulated 140 yds on the ground.
Wow, that's 20 yds for each att!"
The number of attempts category highlighted in ESPN's FFB breakdown

The number of attempts category highlighted in ESPN's FFB breakdown

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Last Updated: November 2, 2016

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