What does birdnest mean?

One home for kids of divorced parents

A birdnest is a home where a child of divorced parents lives while the parents take turns living in the house and their own separate living areas. The term became popular in the 2010s.

As more divorcing parents realize the need for their kids to maintain normalcy during the break up, the idea of a birdnest became attractive. The thought is that the kid(s) live in one house full-time while the parents live in their own, separate living spaces part-time. The parents take turns living in the birdnest, which means the child does not have to switch living places every week. This allows the child to live in the same familiar house and neighborhood with their same friends.


"They aren't too worried about what the divorce will do to their kids since they're keeping the house as a birdnest."
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Birdnest means one home for kids of divorced parents

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Last Updated: November 2, 2016

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