1. What does BTD mean in finances?

Buy the dip

BTD stands for "buy the dip," a financial strategy that includes purchasing an asset when it dips in value to get a good deal when it hopefully rebounds. You will most likely see it online in articles, forum discussions, and social media posts about finances.

You can apply the BTD strategy to any item where its value fluctuates. However, it mainly pertains to the stock market and cryptocurrencies.

BTD, or BTFD (the more enthusiastic variation), is a mantra for many financial traders that reflects how they invest. The strategy can be incredibly lucrative as long as you time the market well and predict the direction of a financial asset.

However, there are risks with BTD. The main one being, if you are wrong about the direction of the asset, you could lose a lot of money.


"I'm too conservative to go all-in on BTD. I'd rather just play it safe."
A BTD tweet

A BTD tweet

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Last Updated: September 21, 2021

2. What does BTD stand for?

Bored to death

BTD is an acronym that means "bored to death." Overly dramatic chatters and texters use BTD to express just how dreadfully, utterly bored they are.

If someone tells you they are BTD over and over again, you may want to encourage them to shake things up a bit. Otherwise, you may end up becoming brd of them ...


"I'm BTD with this homework assignment!"

A BTD Bart Simpson

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Last Updated: October 16, 2020

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