What does bussin mean?

Really good

When something is great it may be described as "bussin." It is primarily used to describe delicious food but may also refer to other awesome things, such as outstanding fashion choices, cool whips, or slick bars.

Where does "bussin" come from?

The origins of "bussin" are not clear, but it has roots in the Black community as a way to compliment food that tastes really good. It became popular on social media, particularly on TikTok, in the early-2020s.

Who uses "bussin"?

Teenagers and young adults, especially TikTokers, are the primary users of the term. Most older adults, like Millennials and Boomers, have no clue what it means and are confused when others use it.

When do people use "bussin"?

People primarily use the term to describe tasty food, whether the food be from a restaurant or home-cooked. However, some people have expanded the usage to other things, such as fits, songs, and movies.

"Is it bussin, Janelle?"

As bussin became popular on TikTok, Janelle Rohner, a popular foodie TikToker, took notice and posted a video in March 2021 asking what the term meant. Instead of providing an answer, TikTokers trolled her by stitching together videos of her enjoying food and asking her "Is it bussin, Janelle?" This video trend soon went viral.

Bussin controversy

Since the roots of bussin go back to the Black community, some social media users have criticized non-Black people for co-opting the term and using it for their own purposes. These critics have gone so far as to include it in a list of "AAVE" words that are off-limits to non-Black people.


"Wow, that sauce is bussin!! Can I get the recipe?"
Bussin tweet

Bussin tweet

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Last Updated: March 24, 2021

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