1. What is cd short for?


A gaming term that refers to a time period cycle that must expire before an item can be used again.


"Bloodlust is still on CD for another 2 minutes."

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2. What does CD stand for?

Compact disc

CD is an acronym for a compact disc, which is a circular disc that can store up to 700 MB of data or 80 minutes of audio. It is a common format for listening to music that replaced tape cassettes but was replaced by digital music files.

CD was originally introduced to the U.S. market in 1983 and peaked in popularity in the 1990s and 2000s. It also became a common software format as they could store much more information than floppy discs.


"I have such a large CD collection it's gonna be a pain to go digital."
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CD means compact disc

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3. What does CD stand for?

Certificate of deposit

A financial acronym for a certificate of deposit, which is similar to a savings account but restricts holders from immediately withdrawing funds, unless they want to pay the penalty.

A CD is commonly issued by a commercial bank and includes a maturity date, a fixed interest rate, and can be given in any denomination. If the CD is more than $100,000 it is called a "large CD" or "jumbo CD," whereas a CD less than $100,000 is called a "small CD." A CD usually lasts between 1 month and 5 years and is insured by the FDIC.


"I purchased a $5,000 CD with an interest rate of 5% so at year's end the CD will be worth $5,250."

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