Clip Chimp

What is a clip chimp?

A Twitch user who creates out-of-context video clips

A clip chimp is a Twitch user who creates and shares out-of-context clips from a streamer's channel. Clip chimps often share their clips on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media sites, hoping to embarrass streamers and gain karma.

In 2018, Twitch launched a feature called Clip Champs. Twitch users can earn Clip Champ status by clipping and sharing videos from a streamer's channel. After the user's clips get enough views, they are named a Clip Champ for that channel.

Surprising no one, many Twitch users immediately sought out the easiest way to earn Clip Champ status. Often, this involved either spamming poor quality clips or deliberately clipping and sharing moments that, when viewed out-of-context, made a streamer look ridiculous. The Twitch community eventually coined the term clip chimp to describe these absurd, status-seeking users.


"Holy wow, look how many clips SpamGuy has created!
"Ah, yeah, he's a total clip chimp. I don't understand it."
Some streamers dislike clip chimps so much that they ban them

Some streamers dislike clip chimps so much that they ban them

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Last Updated: November 11, 2020

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