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Crying Jordan

Meaning A meme featuring a crying Michael Jordan
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Crying Jordan is a meme that features an image of Michael Jordan crying. The image comes from a picture of Jordan during his basketball hall of fame speech in 2009. It was turned into a meme several years later and exploded in popularity on Twitter in early 2015. Users began placing his crying face in other images to express sadness and disappointment and mock others.

Crying Jordan hit its peak on April 4 during the NCAA Basketball Championship when Jordan's alma mater UNC Tar Heels lost in heartbreaking fashion to the Villanova Wildcats. Jordan was at the game, which led to the explosion of Crying Jordan memes. It is important to note that Michael Jordan is also famous for being the best basketball player of all time.

"I'm going to make a Crying Jordan of him when he loses tonight."
Updated November 3, 2016

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