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Meaning A golf hole with a fairway that bends
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A dogleg is a golf term for a hole with a fairway that bends to the left or the right that obscures the green from the tee box. The name comes from the resemblance of the fairway bend to a dog's leg, more specifically the ankle part.

A dogleg course is designed to make a hole more difficult and force the golfer to take more shots. It contrasts with direct line-of-sight holes that are mostly straight on from the tee to the hole. The term often appears as "dogleg right" for a hole bending to the right and "dogleg left" for a hole bending to the left. If it bends twice, it is called "double dogleg." It may also appear as "dog leg."

"He actually shot better on the doglegs today, which surprised me."
Updated October 13, 2016

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