1. What does ER stand for?

Emergency room

ER stands for emergency room, which is a medical facility in a hospital. It specializes in the care of patients that require immediate attention.

The emergency room helps all sorts of people that suffer from a variety of ailments, such as head injuries, broken arms, and serious burns. The emergency room operates 24 hours a day as people don't ever take a break from getting hurt. ER was also the title of the popular and long-running medical drama on NBC, which ran from 1994 to 2009.


"She passed out and was unconscious so we called and ambulance and they took her to the ER.
OMG, that's trbl!"
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ER means emergency room

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2. What does ER stand for?

Earned runs

A baseball statistic that is used to keep track of the amount of earned runs a pitcher has allowed.

An earned run is a run that the pitcher has given up that wasn't a result of a fielding error caused by a defensive player. The ERA stat signifies how many earned runs a pitcher has given up for every nine innings, which is the length of a standard baseball game.


"He pitched a CG, gave up 1ER and still lost!"

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3. What is er short for?


An abbreviation for employer that commonly appears in the payroll world; commonly seen when describing a tax type, like Social Security; similar to the ee abbreviation for "employee."


"I had to redo the sheet because I filled out the spaces for the er instead of the ee."

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