Friend Zone

What is the friend zone?

A relationship where a person's love interest thinks of him as just a friend

Friend zone is the area of a relationship where one person is romantically interested in another person but he or she thinks of the other as just a friend. The relationship typically consists of a male who is pursuing a female that appreciates the attention but is only interested in being a friend.

Unfortunately for a lot of guys, the friend zone is where a lot of romantic pursuits die. The area is a common problem for many "nice" guys and girls that are so nice they are thought of friends by their baes instead of love interests. Even though it is tough to get out of the friend zone, it is not impossible, unlike the brotherzone.


"She just gave him a high five when he went in for a kiss.
He's definitely in the friend zone. "

Those dreaded words

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Last Updated: July 23, 2019

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