What is fro short for?


Fro is an abbreviated version of the word "afro." An afro is a curly, textured hairstyle that most often forms a rounded, ball-like shape.

The word afro is derived from the term "Afro-American," which itself is derived from "African American." The afro is called the afro because it was popularized by Black people in the 1960s, as part of the American Civil Rights and Black Is Beautiful movements. As part of these movements, Black people sought to broaden society's stereotypical definitions of beauty to include Black features, styles, and aesthetics. The afro is one of the styles Black people sought to reintroduce and recontextualize during this period.

With the afro, at least, Black people succeeded. By the 1970s, some Black people had begun choosing to not wear their hair in afros specifically because the hairstyle had become too mainstream. However, the afro is still popular today, especially among Black people with naturally curly hair who do not want to straighten or otherwise artificially shape their hair.


"Check out that fro! Thing's mad impressive."

A woman touching up her fro

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Last Updated: May 21, 2021

fro definition

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