What does GAWMA stand for?

Go ahead, whet my appetite

GAWMA stands for "go ahead, whet my appetite." A person who sent you GAWMA is interested in the topic you're discussing and wants you to tell them (or show them) more.

However, the person who sent you GAWMA likely doesn't want you to send them too much additional information. For example, if you're discussing a movie or game, you may want to reply with a link to the movie or game's trailer. If you're discussing a book, you may want to send a link to the book's first few pages. And if you're discussing something more ... intimate, well, you'll have to be the judge of exactly how to reply.


"GAWMA. I don't mind being spoiled a little."

The expression someone who sent GAWMA is likely making

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Last Updated: October 22, 2020

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