What does honnolding mean?

Standing up straight on a narrow ledge with your back to the wall

Honnolding is a climbing term that refers to when you stand up straight on a ledge with your back to the wall. It comes from a pose made by world famous climber Alex Honnold on the cover of National Geographic magazine.

The term became popular after the cover was released when other climbers began emulating the stance and posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook with "#honnolding."

Honnold's climbing friend, Jimmy Chin, took the photo. He later co-directed "Free Solo," a documentary about Alex's successful attempt to climb El Capitan alone without ropes or harnesses.


"Did you see his honnolding picture?"
"Yeah, I was shook."
The cover that inspired many climbers

The cover that inspired many climbers

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Last Updated: March 26, 2019

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