What does insta mean?


Insta is short for "Instagram," a social site and mobile app where users share images, videos, stories, and messages. It is one of several nicknames for the site, along with "The gram" and "IG."

Instagram was initially released in 2010, then acquired by Facebook in 2012. In the 2010s, it grew into one of the most popular social sites, along with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Who uses the insta abbreviation?

Most people that use the abbreviation are teenagers and young adults. It makes sense since it does remove a syllable and is shorter to type, but the main reason they use it is that it sounds "cooler."

Other terms related to Instagram

There are many slang terms that owe their existence to Instagram since its inception in 2010. Examples include "Do it for the gram," "Gram it," "finstagram," "rinstagram," and "Instagram husband."


"I saw Cheryl's insta story last nite and almost threw up."
"IKR??? She has no class."
Tweet about insta

Tweet about insta

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Last Updated: June 30, 2021

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