1. What does LAL stand for?

Laugh a little

LAL is an acronym that stands for, "Laugh a little," which is similar to saying, "Lighten up a bit." It is typically used to convince grumpy or mad people to have a little fun and be happier.

The acronym is often used in text messages or online to respond to people who are acting like Mr. Grumpy Gills. These people may need to hear a joke or be reminded that there are a lot of fun things in life, so they can LAL.


"You can ease up a bit, it's OK to LAL about it."

Dory knows the importance of LAL

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Last Updated: October 3, 2019

2. What does LAL stand for?

Laugh at life

LAL stands for "laugh at life," which is a mantra used to remind people to not take life too seriously and laugh a little. It is typically used online, in chatrooms and on social media, and in text messages.

The acronym is often utilized by positive people that are trying to encourage themselves or others to "look on the bright side" when they are dwelling on negative things. Some instances include when people are bummed out by a poor test score or bad weather. However, it may also be used by sarcastic people overwhelmed by bad stuff happening to them.

Although most people receive the acronym well, be careful when you use it because the person may be in a really bad mood and snap back at you like a viper. Some extremely poor scenarios where you should not send the acronym include when a person's loved one dies or when a person gets divorced.


"Life's short. LAL!"

Sometimes you just gotta LAL

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Last Updated: November 16, 2020

3. What does LAL stand for?

Laughing a lot

Sometimes confused with the slightly more common "Laugh a little" meaning; similar to LOL, which is more commonly used and understood.


"I was LAL when Johnny put the frog in her school locker."

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