What does it mean when a person is mean-mugging?

Facial expression that appears upset

When a person is mean-mugging, they are conveying a sense of disgust with their facial expression. Oftentimes, mean-mugging is deliberate, but sometimes people do it subconsciously.

Where did mean-mugging come from?

People have been mean-mugging since the dawn of time, but the term didn't become widely used until the late-2000s. There is no clear origin for the term but it comes from the "mug" slang term for "face."

What does mean-mugging look like?

A mean-mugging face typically includes a frown or snarl, furrowed eyebrows, and a stern look in the eyes. Parents have become experts at this look, along with school teachers and bosses in every institution.

Mean-mugging can cause problems in many situations since non-verbal communication is compelling. For example, a simple message about office conduct will significantly change when delivered by a mean-mugging individual. Or, a mom mean-mugging her kids alerts them that they did something wrong and should get ready for a lecture.


"My teacher was mean-mugging me in class. I think he knows I cheated on the test."

Cookie has perfected her mean-mugging

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Last Updated: December 2, 2021

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