1. What does NMH stand for?

Not much here

Another way of saying, "Not too much is going on in my life."


"What's up with you?
NMH, pretty much the same old, same old."

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Last Updated: August 28, 2013

2. What does NMH stand for?

Nodding my head

NMH is a texting and chatting acronym that means nodding my head. It is most commonly used to express approval and agreement.

NMH is a convenient way to say, "I disagree," "I can't believe it," or "Not again..." It comes from the real life nod to convey agreement without actually saying anything. It is the opposite of the popular SMH acronym.


"TGIF! Can't wait for the movie tonite!

NMH means nodding my head

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Last Updated: April 5, 2017

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