What does NMJC mean?

Nothing much, just chillin'

People use "NMJC" when asked about what they are doing or what their plans are. It's similar to saying, "I'm not doing anything, just kinda hanging out."

NMJC is a combination of NM and JC and people primarily use it online and in text messages. Other variations of NMJC include chln, NMHJC, or NMJCY.

A person may use it because he is just honestly doing nothing or because he wants to do something with the person asking him what he's up to. If it is used strategically as an opening to an invite, it might be because he likes hanging out with the person or he may be crushing on the person.


"Hey dude, what u up 2?
NMJC, what about u?"

That NMJC lifestyle

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Last Updated: March 1, 2021

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