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Out Kick Your Coverage

Meaning To have a romantic partner who is much more attractive than you
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Out kick your coverage is a phrase that refers to when you are with someone that is much more attractive than you. It comes from football when a punter kicks the ball to the other team but it is too far in front of his teammates running down the field to tackle the opponent. It implies that you managed to snatch up a person who is "out of your league."

The person who is "out of your league" may be more physically attractive, have a better personality, or have more money. It may also be a combination of all those traits. When someone says this to a person, it's not necessarily meant as a dis but rather to compliment you on managing to snag an attractive partner.

"Is that your wife?"
Wow, you sure out kicked your coverage!"
I know, I'm a lucky man."
Updated August 29, 2017

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