1. What does PT stand for?

Pacific time zone

An acronym popular in the United States that refers to the west coast time zone; includes California, Oreon, Washington, parts of Nevada, parts of Canada, and a sliver of Mexico; three hours behind the ET, 2 hours behind the CT, and 1 hour behind the MT.


"When we touch down in Oregon, we'll be gaining three hours since it's in the PT."

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Last Updated: November 19, 2014

2. What does PT stand for?

Physical therapy

A health acronym used to refer to the profession mainly concerned withthe rehabilitation of impairments and disabilities through physical intervention; involves the interaction between therapists, patients, families, care givers, and other health care professionals.


"Since I got in that accident, I've gone thru PT every week and it's helped so much!"

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Last Updated: January 15, 2015

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