1. What does RN stand for?

Right now

RN is an acronym that stands for "right now" and is typically seen when texting and online. It is used to communicate the immediacy of something that is currently occurring or about to occur.

The acronym is often utilized when making plans to do something in the near future, like watching a movie, eating food, or playing video games. Depending on the subject matter, it may be received as too aggressive or demanding by some people, so be careful how you use it.


"Can you come over rn?"
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RN means right now

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2. What does RN stand for?

Registered nurse

A healthcare acronym that represents a nurse who has graduated from a nursing program and has a nursing license; commonly responsible for supervising care provided by nursing students, licensed practical nurses, enrolled nurses, and unlicensed assistive personnel.


"When I was there my RNs were great, they made the stay a lot more bearable."

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3. What is rn short for?


Rn is a faster way of typing "run" that saves an entire letter. It is most often used to refer to running a machine or software, or physically running with your legs.

The abbreviation is primarily used online and in text messages. However, it is not very common so you may need to clarify what the sender intended to say.

Some people think it's a worthless abbreviation since it only removes one letter. And others think it's too confusing since it is more often used as an acronym for "right now" or "registered nurse."


"Make sure to rn the sw update after installing the software."

Although it is uncommon, Forrest is all about "rn"

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4. What does RN stand for?


A simple way to abbreviate "Russian;" may be used to describe a Russian person.


"What ethnicity are you?

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