Shot Girl Summer

What does Shot Girl Summer mean?

Summer 2021

Those who have gotten the Fauci Ouchie may refer to summer 2021 as Shot Girl Summer. This name is a play on the phrase Hot Girl Summer, which was a popular way to refer to summer 2019.

Where did Shot Girl Summer originate?

In 2019, fans of rapper Megan Thee Stallion dubbed that year's summer Hot Girl Summer. That August, Stallion released an actual song titled Hot Girl Summer, which became the summer's unofficial anthem.

Summer 2020 was, as you are likely aware, much less "hot" than summer 2019. Those who were excited to resume normal summer activities in 2021 dubbed the season Shot Girl Summer. This name references both Hot Girl Summer (which Shot Girl Summer is the direct sequel to) and the covid vax, which allowed people to gather without social distancing.

What are some other names for summer 2021?

Because people were so excited to have a normal summer again in 2021, they referred to the season by many fun names. Hot Vax Summer was the most popular way to refer to summer 2021, while Vax Girl Summer was another, less-popular variant.


"Having a wild Shot Girl Summer so far! So glad to be back in the world."
For many, Shot Girl Summer is TMW they resumed their normal lives

For many, Shot Girl Summer is TMW they resumed their normal lives

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Last Updated: August 5, 2021

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