1. What does SIM stand for in emails?

Subject is message

In emails, SIM stands for "subject is message." An email's subject line starts with this acronym when the sender has fit their entire message into the subject line. If you receive an email whose subject starts with SIM, you likely do not need to open it, as it should not contain any body text.

For example, the following SIM emails would likely include no body text:

  • SIM: Call me ASAP - 555-515-5623
  • SIM: Please put the trash out today
  • SIM: Mandatory meeting, 4 pm, conference room
  • SIM: IH8U

SIM is similar to the acronym SSIA, which stands for "subject says it all" and may also appear in emails and online forums. Often, when you receive a SIM or SSIA email, there's NNTR.


"SIM: Great definition of SIM"

Unfortunately, SIM emails are not often juicy

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Last Updated: December 18, 2020

2. What does SIM stand for?

Shoot, it's Monday


An acronym stated by a person that forgot something he or she has to do on Monday.


"SIM, I forgot to take out the trash!"

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Last Updated: June 4, 2014

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