What does spam mean?

Unhelpful and annoying content

Spam is a term for unhelpful content that is unsolicited. It can be applied to a variety of content, including email content, website content, and text message content.

Email is one of the primary ways that people encounter spam. The emails usually are commercial with the purpose of getting you to purchase something but they may also contain links to malware or phishing sites. Text messages are also used to send out unsolicited content to users. Bots are most likely responsible for sending out these emails and texts. Email services have improved their spam detection by filtering suspect emails into junk folders. Poorly designed websites contain a lot of spam in the form of annoying ads and links.


"I banned him from my comp after he opened some spam and downloaded a virus."
An example of malicious spam

An example of malicious spam

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Last Updated: September 15, 2016

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