Stay Woke

What does stay woke mean?

Stay aware of social problems

Stay woke is a phrase that means "stay aware of social injustices." It is used as a challenge and reminder that problems, specifically racial ones, need to be kept in the public eye.

Stay woke is considered to be a politically liberal term as it encourages the acknowledgement of racial oppression in how people act and talk. It is the opposite of the PC acronym often used by conservatives to claim that Americans have become too sensitive about what they say and do. The term is commonly used to encourage people who aren't being discriminated against to not look away from problems but instead be part of the solution by realizing certain privileges they have because of skin color. The phrase is often used by movements like Black Lives Matter that attempt to keep racial injustices in the spotlight through demonstrations and protests.


"I'll meet you at the demonstration tonite at 8.
Sounds good, stay woke."
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Stay Woke means stay aware of social problems

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Last Updated: September 9, 2016

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