What is sw short for online?


Sw is an abbreviation for computer software, which includes application software, such as Microsoft Word, and system software, such as the Windows operating system. It is typically used online, most often seen in online forums and in work emails.

The abbreviation is commonly utilized by tech-savvy people that have a job in a computer-related industry or just really enjoy computers. These users may be male or female and young or old.

Some instances where you would see the abbreviation include in a chat session with the IT department about updating to the latest version of macOS or downloading a new app for opening files on your computer. You may also see it in forums online when troubleshooting an issue with opening old documents or emailing a co-worker about whether or not you should purchase the latest version of Microsoft Office.


"If you can't open the file, check to make sure you have the latest sw version."

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Last Updated: February 20, 2020

sw definition

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