What does TOU stand for?

Thinking of you

When someone is on your mind, you may send them TOU, which means "thinking of you." You may use it in various situations, like when ending a chat session or email message with a close friend or sending a text to a crush.

People may receive it differently based on the context in which it is used so be careful who you send it to. You should probably not send it in a corporate environment since it may make people feel uncomfortable. Instead, it should be used in more casual situations with people you know well.

TOU is one of many acronyms and abbreviations utilized for expressing care for people. Some variations that range from platonic to romantic include TAU, TAY, MU, CUIMD, AIMP, and IMYA.


"Luv u lots!"
"Thx! TOU!"

That special feeling you get when thinking of a loved one

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Last Updated: March 9, 2021

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