1. What does w00t mean?

Joy and excitement

W00t is an expression of joy and excitement that is similar to "Yeah!" and "Alright!" You're most likely to encounter this celebratory slang word in online chat rooms, in-game chat, and (more rarely) text messages.

At this point, w00t's cousin, woot, is a fairly common expression. However, most people write woot with "o"s rather than "0"s. Nerds, gamers, and geeks who enjoy leetspeak are most likely to write woot as w00t, which is why you're more likely to encounter w00t in in-game or Twitch chat than anywhere else.


"Finally got past that boss that was just crushing me. W00t!"

An IRL w00t moment

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Last Updated: June 17, 2021

2. What does w00t mean?


Another way of saying "Yay!" or "Yea!" Often "W00t, w00t!"


"Our team just rocked yours! "W00t!""

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Last Updated: January 22, 2014

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