Welcome To Your Tape

What does welcome to your tape mean?

I'm mad at you

Welcome to your tape is a phrase used when a person is mad at another person because of something he just said. It comes from the Netflix show "13 Reasons Why" where a suicidal teenage girl records tapes calling people out about how mean they were to her.

In the show, the teenage girl (named Hannah) creates tapes for each person to listen to in order to explain how they helped cause her to commit suicide. The phrase became popular in April 2017 when the show was released for streaming. People began creating memes with the phrase and responding to slights by other people by simply typing "welcome to your tape." The phrase may be followed by an epic burn.


"Can I borrow your phone to call my mom?
I would but I have like 2% of battery.
Welcome to your tape."
Hannah and a "welcome to your tape" meme

Hannah and a "welcome to your tape" meme

Netflix and Hulu beef

Netflix and Hulu beef

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Last Updated: August 9, 2017

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