What does woke mean?

Awareness of social problems

Woke is a slang term that means being aware of social injustices. The term specifically relates to acknowledging racial injustices.

Woke can be considered the opposite of the PC acronym often used by conservatives to claim that Americans have become too sensitive about what they say and do. Woke is on the other end of the spectrum as it describes a person who has "woken up" to modern discriminations. It is classified by many as a liberal or leftie term.

The term is often used as a proclamation and challenge to others, especially white people who benefit from certain privileges because of their skin color. The challenge is to not give in to pressures from other people and stand firm with those being oppressed. Woke is often seen as "stay woke" and "get woke" and is used by movements like Black Lives Matter.


"Stay woke, brotha, don't let them brainwash you at school."
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Woke means awareness of social problems

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Last Updated: January 17, 2017

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