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Quizzes from January 2014

Jan 1What music group made the term "bootylicious" popular?
Jan 2Trekkies are fans of what sci-fi series?
Jan 3What is the :-)* emoticon commonly used to represent?
Jan 4What does the code 143 mean?
Jan 5In what country is MVH commonly used in email messages?
Jan 6What action does the \:D/ emoticon represent?
Jan 7In what type of communication is the abbreviation "NNTR" most commonly used?
Jan 8If a person types "¬¬", what is he or she feeling?
Jan 9In what country did kaomoji emoticons originate?
Jan 10If someone is AFK, what should you expect if you ask the person a question?
Jan 11If someone texts you "OMW," what does he mean?
Jan 12Which of the following best describes WDTFS?
Jan 13If someone types "MOS" during an online chat session, what does he mean?
Jan 14How are the letters XOXO best translated?
Jan 15How much is a "stack" of money worth?
Jan 16If someone asks you for your digits, what information does he or she want?
Jan 17What object does the emoticon |>--| represent?
Jan 18The company represented by the abbreviation *$ is known for what product?
Jan 19Skelly is a slang term used in what video game?
Jan 20Which of the following emoticons represents a dazed expression?
Jan 21What does it mean if a girl says she is FBO?
Jan 22What type of information is an FAQ designed to provide?
Jan 23What video game popularized the phrase "GLHF"?
Jan 24What animal does the ^v^ emoticon represent?
Jan 25What does AM mean, in reference to time?
Jan 26Which of the following words is most synonymous with "meh"?
Jan 27What does it mean if a certain unit or race in a video game is OP?
Jan 28Where would you be most likely to see the abbreviation NIB used?
Jan 29If something is NSFW, it is not safe for what?
Jan 30Which of the following does the :[email protected] emoticon not represent?
Jan 31When would you be most likely to see the question "ASL?"