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Quizzes from February 2014

Feb 1Which term is associated with a professional athlete flopping on the ground?
Feb 2What Minecraft term was created by YouTube member SkyDoesMinecraft and means "gold?"
Feb 3Which term means "sarcasm" and also represents a Twitch staff member?
Feb 4If someone says, "Let's bounce," what do they mean?
Feb 5What does the ∊♡_ᴥ_♡∍ emoticon represent?
Feb 6Which term means "fine female" and was featured in 50 Cent's 2003 song "In da Club?"
Feb 7What acronym stands for two popular boy bands who toured together from 2011 to 2012?
Feb 8Which abbreviation is associated with film editing?
Feb 9What celebrity is portrayed by the ⪿ ↂ ˒̫̮ ↂ ⫀ emoticon?
Feb 10What type of occasion does "BYOB" best apply to?
Feb 11What might someone be wondering if they asked for your ETA?
Feb 12If a person says that he is "WAH," what is he most likely telling you?
Feb 13If your girlfriend says, "KMUF," what should you do?
Feb 14What object does the @>--- emoticon represent?
Feb 15If you're told, "SUF," what are you supposed to do?
Feb 16Which TV comedy features viewer-submitted videos?
Feb 17What acronym stands for the wizard series written by J.K. Rowling?
Feb 18What does the :-E emoticon represent?
Feb 19Which social networking site does the "OOMF" acronym originate from?
Feb 20If somebody "domed" you in a video game, what happened?
Feb 21What is the most likely meaning of the "DYLM" acronym?
Feb 22If someone says, "HMU," what should you do?
Feb 23If you're playing Minecraft and another player is irritating you, what are they doing?
Feb 24What expression does the %-} emoticon represent?
Feb 25If you're "facestalking" on Facebook, what are you doing?
Feb 26What band played with Bruno Mars in the 2014 Super Bowl halftime show?
Feb 27What website was launched in 2011 and streams live video games?
Feb 28What does the (({..})) emoticon represent?