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Quizzes from March 2014

Mar 1If you're playing "hoops," what are you doing?
Mar 2If your friend says he has a "beef," how should you respond?
Mar 3If someone texts you "LMFBO," what most likely just happened?
Mar 4If you receive the :_( emoticon from your friend, what is she telling you?
Mar 5If your friend texts you "DX," what is he saying?
Mar 6What acronym refers to a bathroom?
Mar 7What acronym represents a drive that is an alternative to a hard disk drive?
Mar 8When playing a video game, what does "grinding" mean?
Mar 9What acronym is associated with food?
Mar 10What kind of event is associated with the *<|:o) emoticon?
Mar 11Which of the following terms is slang for money?
Mar 12Which of the following professional sports leagues consists of 32 teams?
Mar 13What band is responsible for the classic song "Stairway to Heaven?"
Mar 14What video game acronym originates from the film, "The Matrix?"
Mar 15What acronym represents the TV comedy that debuted in 2003 on CBS?
Mar 16What acronym means an attractive female and is also a Michael Jackson song?
Mar 17What emoticon represents good luck, especially on St. Patrick's Day?
Mar 18If you drank too much on St. Patrick's Day, what are you most likely doing today?
Mar 19What abbreviation represents an officiator of NBA, NFL, and NHL games?
Mar 20What is the unit of measurement that is equal to 1,000,000,000,000 bytes?
Mar 21What show is based on George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels?
Mar 22What series is the MTFBWU acronym associated with?
Mar 23If your friend tells you that she's "amped," what is she saying?
Mar 24Which acronym stands for sheets that are used to format Web page layouts?
Mar 25What ship does the 8==8O8==8 emoticon represent and is piloted by Luke Skywalker?
Mar 26Which term was coined after the actor mispronounced the name "Idina Menzel?"
Mar 27What term best describes a person who dislikes music just because it's popular?
Mar 28If you're told to do more "Manscaping," what should you do?
Mar 29If someone sends you the O.o emoticon, what are they saying?
Mar 30What term is an abbreviation for the main city in Outland in World of Warcraft?
Mar 31What acronym refers to the Nintendo handheld console?