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Quizzes from April 2014

Apr 1If your friend says he's "stoked," what is he saying?
Apr 2If your friend encounters the "BSOD," what most likely happened?
Apr 3What acronym is short for a Latin term that is translated as "for example?"
Apr 4Which talk show host does the @/:^) emoticon represent?
Apr 5If you're in a library and someone texts you something funny, what's the best response?
Apr 6What acronym stands for the annual address given by the President of the United States?
Apr 7If the seller of an item says it's "NRFB," what is he saying?
Apr 8If your friend says that you're "DDG," what is she saying?
Apr 9What instrument does the ζ|||) emoticon best represent?
Apr 10Which body pose was made famous by a fit female on Instagram?
Apr 11What acronym measures how blood sugar levels rise after eating a certain food?
Apr 12Which term means "spin move" and originates from the PlayStation controller?
Apr 13When the NN2R acronym appears in an email, what is the sender telling you?
Apr 14If your teacher describes your essay as "PSOG," what is she saying?
Apr 15If your friend texts you that he bought a :o&o>, what did he buy?
Apr 16If you ask your friend to hang out and she replies "A3," what is she saying?
Apr 17Who won the main event of the 2013 WSOP?
Apr 18What do you get from a "Blinkie?"
Apr 19If your friend says you have lots of "mula," what is he saying?
Apr 20Which emoticon displays a small rabbit icon in MSN/Live Messenger?
Apr 21Llello is a slang term that refers to what?
Apr 22If your friend texts you "GGOH," what does she want to do?
Apr 23Which of the following bands is led by Zack de la Rocha?
Apr 24Which movie was released in 1993 and had a sequel in 1997 and 2001?
Apr 25Which fitness term was coined by Joanna Rohrback?
Apr 26What doe the 8Ö< emoticon represent?
Apr 27The "BTSOOM" acronym is another way of saying what?
Apr 28If you suffer from "CRD," what do you have a tough time doing?
Apr 29On Twitter, when would you most likely use "#PMKI"?
Apr 30What does the O<-<= emoticon represent?