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Quizzes from May 2014

May 1If a meal is described as "NSFV," who should not eat it?
May 2A "Beemer" is made by what automotive manufacturer?
May 3Which of the following acronyms is commonly used to describe a crime?
May 4If your friend feels "Iggy," how does she feel?
May 5When would you use the "OTG" acronym?
May 6In what country is the "MMFU" acronym most commonly used?
May 7What type of message has a BCC field?
May 8If somebody is a "PITA," what are they?
May 9In sports, if you are a "Siv," what are you?
May 10In multiplayer gaming, what does "Turtling" mean?
May 11In honor of Mother's Day, which numeric code stands for mom?
May 12Which band consists of members Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis?
May 13What does the \%/ emoticon represent?
May 14Which acronym was spawned by a viral video created by Ylvis?
May 15If your friend says that she is "hangry," what would help her feel better?
May 16What drug term was the title of the 2001 movie starring Johnny Depp?
May 17In what game is a "pick" tool used to mine ore?
May 18"Dashie" is the nickname for a main character in what television show?
May 19"AYW" stands for a popular phrase from what movie?
May 20When would you most likely use the "DLTBBB" acronym?
May 21Which of the following gaming terms means "highly skilled?"
May 22If your friend sends you the :# emoticon, what is he most likely doing?
May 23Which acronym represents World of Warcraft's fourth major expansion pack?
May 24What reality TV show is hosted by Tyra Banks?
May 25What does the ^;;^ emoticon represent?
May 26What is the most applicable emoticon for Memorial Day?
May 27Which acronym stands for the North American eSports organization?
May 28What show was centered around a man forced to watch horrible movies?
May 29The "Ovie" slang term is related to what video game?
May 30If your friend needs to borrow a G, what does he need?
May 31If your friend texts you "GIWISI," what is she saying?