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Quizzes from June 2014

Jun 1The term "jump the shark" originated from what TV show?
Jun 2What acronym references a time period of a few days in the past?
Jun 3What does the c--I-I-I{ emoticon represent?
Jun 4What acronym refers to the Microsoft operating system released in 1999?
Jun 5What abbreviation refers to an online voice chatting application for gaming?
Jun 6When was the NWO wrestling organization established?
Jun 7If your friend texts you "CRAFT," what is he saying?
Jun 8What acronym uses boat descriptions to describe the attractiveness of a person?
Jun 9What acronym exclaims to a female that she is sexy?
Jun 10Which term is the name of Beyoncé Knowles' sister and means crazy?
Jun 11If a guy is desperately trying to get a girl's number, how might he be described?
Jun 12What emoticon depicts the 1990s "raise the roof" dance move?
Jun 13What abbreviation is the main city of Outland in the WoW Burning Crusade expansion?
Jun 14Which acronym acknowledges a person's belated birthday?
Jun 15If you see a stranger at a party, how might you label him?
Jun 16The FLOTUS is married to a person who holds what occupation?
Jun 17What acronym stands for a website that posts funny text messages?
Jun 18If your friend texts you "ITBOOTP," what does she need?
Jun 19What animal does the >: o represent?
Jun 20What acronym refers to the point in time that a company's stock was sold publicly?
Jun 21What is the nickname of Markus Alexej Persson, the creator of Minecraft?
Jun 22What is the name of a person who posts offensive comments just to get a reaction?
Jun 23What acronym refers to the popular poker game used by the World Series of Poker?
Jun 24What does the (6.6) emoticon represent?
Jun 25When would you use the UG2BK acronym?
Jun 26What term refers to the act of chewing up food then feeding it to someone else?
Jun 27What acronym works best to get a person to stop talking about a subject?
Jun 28Which emoticon is the least appropriate to send to your mom?
Jun 29If someone tells you to "BTHO," what should you do?
Jun 30If you are coming home later than expected, what message fits best?