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Quizzes from July 2014

Jul 1What acronym refers the recipient to the file attached to the email?
Jul 2What acronym best describes a bizarre, even gross, picture you post on Facebook?
Jul 3What acronym might a superstitious person use?
Jul 4What acronym is used to empathize with another person?
Jul 5Which Nintendo game console was released in September 1996?
Jul 6What emoticon represents the comic character, Quincy Magoo?
Jul 7What acronym refers to Electronic Arts' military-based first-person shooter series?
Jul 8What is the most likely situation you would use the term "Gratz"?
Jul 9What emoticon best represents Don King, Mike Tyson's boxing promoter?
Jul 10If your friend texts you "PCM," what does he want you do?
Jul 11What acronym best describes something that is really messed up?
Jul 12What is the term for the ability to detect craziness?
Jul 13What acronym represents the governing body that organizes the World Cup?
Jul 14Which acronym originates from a popular Star Wars phrase?
Jul 15If you play for the USWNT, what sport do you play?
Jul 16What acronym represents a popular character from the Peanuts cartoon?
Jul 17What acronym represents a Christian heavy metal band from Canada?
Jul 18What acronym refers to the act of making a situation worse?
Jul 19What gaming term refers to the time period before an item can be used again?
Jul 20The Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings are football teams in what conference?
Jul 21What famous singer does the 5:-) emoticon best represent?
Jul 22If you want to warn a person that someone is watching, what would you type?
Jul 23What is the term for a friend that eats a lot of your food without paying you back?
Jul 24What emoticon best represents disbelief or embarrassment?
Jul 25What acronym would you use to clarify a person's statement?
Jul 26Where would you most likely find a beefcake?
Jul 27What acronym represents the TV show starring Kyle Chandler as Coach Taylor?
Jul 28Which emoticon best represents a chubby person?
Jul 29What acronym would most likely appear on a pregnancy online forum?
Jul 30What acronym stands for the Street Fighter attack used by Zangief?
Jul 31If you use the >(///)< emoticon, what do you most likely have?